titan camera app

Titan and the people who love to use Titan are adventurous, dynamic and always discovering new experiences and new ways of doing great things.


Users would like an app to help them connect with friends and and see their friends' Titan videos and photos from the app.

1 The new Titan app, with its own social hub, will allow people to discover new experiences through seeing what their friends are up to on their Titan cameras.

2 Additionally, they can see how their friends’ shot a video or photo with their Titan camera techniques and effects.

3 Next time, users can try out the new techniques they learned on their own Titan adventures and even message their friends as another way to connect in real time.




Riley just bought a brand new Titan 4X camera. He loved his older Titan 2 camera, but knew the new Titan 4X would help him capture all the fun adventures he would have with his friends. His friends have also been asking him to share all the great footage he had captured. In this scenario, the flow is: 
1. Signed in user connects a camera.
2. Uploads a video from the camera.
3. Edits the video in the app.
4. Shares the final video.

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