microsoft Edge Homepage

When Windows 10 was first released in Spring 2015, the Edge browser was also shipped and ready to use. Since Windows 10 was a free upgrade for existing Windows 8 users, and Edge was the new and powerful default browser, having an equally new and powerful browser homepage presented a great opportunity to engage more users in new ways.


Users can discover Microsoft Store content on the new Edge browser. Edge can attract and retain more customers and generate new revenue promoting the Microsoft Store and app ecosystem, as well as other Microsoft content.

How can we provide a new, engaging experience that would attract more users to our Store and Services?

Create a valuable and unique experience on Microsoft Edge that people would want to use regularly.

1 This page may be the first point of entry for new customers and new products.
2 As this space was not traditionally used for advertising, we must be considerate of our usage of promotional content.
3 Monetize the Edge Default Homepage in a thoughtful, easy to use design.

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Card system neatly stacks for easy viewing

Customer value

Users can complete 3 areas of activities on Edge Homepage

Top sites: A closer look

One Top sites item contains 3 actions:
1 Dismiss X to view more recommended sites
2 Direct to website
3 Redirect to Store to view the available Windows 10 app

Original design
The marketing team recommended including screenshots that linked to a website, and additional links to redirect to the Windows 10 app

New design
The design team recommended a simpler design that performed the same actions

Full view with 3 areas of customer activities