microsoft web Storefronts Store wished to increase the awareness of digital goods that not only included software, but also apps, games, music, subscriptions, music, TV, and movies. Obtaining new customers and growing its digital content is a cyclic process that would increase Microsoft's digital goods ecosystem and relevance.


I helped develop the UX and visual design for the Routing, Category, and Product Details pages of This included work flows, user experience heat map testing,
and responsive behaviors with consideration to viewports 2048px to 320px.

Users are not aware of the Microsoft app ecosystem. The Store needs to raise user awareness to sell more apps and digital goods in order propel apps usage on our desktop and mobile environments.

How can we entice customers to the Store so they can purchase our Apps and other digital goods?

Create a streamlined and engaging Store experience where users can easily find great products.

(Please click to see the full Routing page and Category page)


After the Microsoft homepage, the Routing page is the first page customers see when they are looking for any type of App. The purpose of the Routing page is functional: it informs the customer of the product (All apps) ecosystem that include a certain number of categories and helps route the customer to a specific category page.


Category page

When customers want to view Windows Apps, they are redirected to this Category page from the Routing page. The purpose of the Category page is two-fold: for Marketing content, it's a way to showcase a more emotional storytelling opportunity, and for functionality, it's a way to display quality content in an easily discoverable way.


Responsive story

Category page across Viewport 6-1: screen sizes +2048 to 320px


User testing

Finding: Customers wishing to shop for apps may not have realized they are on an All apps Routing page.
Possible next step: Perform A/B test to see if this All Apps Routing page is necessary, or try new layouts to better communicate categories of (apps) products available.


SITE MAP Store streamlined