My Kid's Dentist

My Kid's Dentist is a nationwide pediatric dentistry partnership from Pacific Dental Services which cares for children ages 2 to 18.


The clients originally only wished for a refresh of their original logo with a new type treatment as both new and old logos would exist side by side in their offices.

In my logo studies, I sought to create a more welcoming dental experience in which a child or teen would feel comfortable, without an overtly juvenile feel. I introduced an updated logo that could sit inside a simple tooth shape.

I was the sole brand designer working with a Creative Director for the identity refresh, and eventually for the environmental designs. What started as a straightforward and simple identity refresh became a full-scale visual language transformation based on my introduction of a simple tooth shape. Just as each kid can draw and personalize his or her own tooth character, each kid receives personalized dental care in an inviting, safe, and fun environment.

Check out the My Kid's Dentist mobile app to see how kids can continue to have fun with My Kid's Dentist at home.


See the designs for My Kid's Dentist come to life in a tour of the office space and animated videos based on my brand identity work and illustrations.

Environmental applications

The colorful tooth wall that can be drawn on is the centerpiece of the My Kid's Dentist environmental experience. Originally proposed as an interactive touch glass wall, other manifestations are as a glass wall to be drawn on with dry erase markers, or simply as wall decals.

Building applications

Tooth Icons

As the foundation of the brand identity system, I created 50+ icons and graphics. In addition to the tooth shape, I introduced "dental floss" line work in black, and simple shapes like toothpaste hair.

Icons in action

Like the icons themselves, the environment is made up mostly of the tooth shape along with the "dental floss" line work.

Sliding glass doors

Exam Room

I collaborated with a muralist to create a continuous landscape featured in the exam rooms. Kids can relax and try to spot all the fun activities while the dentist completes their examinations.
Click to view complete landscape art PDF (3.1MB)


Kids look forward to receiving a little prize after their visits with the dentist. Kids young and old (as well as adults) are sure to find these items delightful.