Quaker Global Kids

As a part of our redesign, we considered how Quaker can appeal to children as a fun and delicious breakfast option while reassuring parents that it is also nutritious and heart healthy.

The solution was to balance honest food photography and appetizing colors that would appeal to parents with a cartoon environment and character star that children can love. For the Canada line, I worked remotely with illustrators to transform character sketches into final art. For the UK line, I utilized the old packaging as a starting point to create 4 new bear designs and environments.

As sole designer on the Kids' line under a Creative Director and Art Director, I designed the layout of the overall packaging including doing all illustrations for the UK line. I also sourced, selected, and art directed illustrators to create the Canadian kids' products. I performed typographical studies to find fonts that would fit well with the Signature Instant Oatmeal product line typography.

Dino Eggs

Canada Global Kids

Oat So Simple

UK Global Kids

Oat So Simple pouches, back and front

Oat So Simple Package sketch and architecture