Quaker Global Rebrand

Customers are not drawn as to oatmeal as they were 20 years ago. As far as breakfast is concerned, oatmeal is competing against portable breakfast sandwiches and leisurely brunches. Customers could love oatmeal if they were viewed it is a convenient and delicious way to have a heart healthy breakfast. 


With Quaker's global rebrand, our challenge was to apply changes across all products in all market countries. As this was an intensive, all inclusive project, some of my responsibilities included photographic styling, concept development, typographic treatments, package design, differentiating for over 40 flavors and types, localization research, and market research.

While considering what encompasses appetizing meal and tablescape photography, we balanced overall brand consistency while prioritizing specific cultural and regional relevance.

Over a course of 1.5 years, I've worked on many aspects of the Quaker global portfolio. This includes but is not limited to wide-ranging products from the US, Canada, Mexico, Russia, China, India, and the UK. Specifically, I worked on the global logo, packaging layout, product photography styles, 
background photography styles, photo-editing, illustrations, typography, color and product differentiation across 40+ flavors and types (low-fat, high fiber, sugar free, etc), back of packaging, side (informational) panel design, violator designs, and user research. 

Signature Instant Oatmeal line - USA

The "morning light" radiates from behind the iconic personality of Quaker. With over 50 flavors and varieties of oatmeal to represent, it was important to color-code and have different styles of the placard. Representing the flavors through tasteful food photography was also key.

0% Sugar line - MEXICO

Compared to the Signature Instant Oatmeal line, the overall visual look is lighter and brighter. The placard with the information is white to represent the 0% Sugar aspect of the product. There is more light surrounding the tablescape as well as a lighter colored tablecloth with no colored napkin. The white bowl with textural decoration is a detail to add more softness to the overall imagery.