WIndows 8.1
Product Guide

With a "less is more" design approach similar to one of the Windows 8.1
design principles, the Microsoft Windows 8.1 Product Guide was a way to introduce the new operating system to OEM partners prior to the product launch.

As the sole designer on the project, I worked with my manager, program manager, and various partner groups such as Marketing, the Windows Design Team, writers, and Brand partners that included Skype, Bing and Internet Explorer. My responsibilities included designing the grid system, visual style, type ramp and layout; editing and curating content with localization in mind; photography, coordinating with multiple app teams, selecting material stock, and attending press checks with printers. I was able to include one photo that I shot from my
first Microsoft brand project.

Divided into three sections for consumers, enterprise, and developers, the Windows 8.1 Product Guide highlights the features and capabilities of the native apps and cloud-based services.

The Windows 8.1 Product Guide—which details new touch-specific gestures, app screenshots, and ways to utilize the product—is available in print and digital download in over 10 languages:
Chinese (Simplified)   Chinese (Traditional)   English   French   German   Italian   Japanese   Korean   Portuguese (Brazil)   Russian   Spanish   Turkish


Print Edition

Digital edition

The Product Guide is available in digital download in over 10 languages. Please click to view a PDF: 
Chinese (Simplified)   Chinese (Traditional)   English   French   German
Italian   Japanese   Korean   Portuguese (Brazil)   Russian   Spanish   Turkish